I've been recording bands in Western Massachusetts since 2001 in my own studio space, and some assorted local spaces before that. The focus of my work is with DIY punk and hardcore bands, indie musicians, and the variety of underground music that exists in the world. I have somewhat recently begun to mix recordings for bands that have recorded elsewhere and have done work with bands from France, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Florida, and here in Massachusetts.

My hard disk based recorder is digital, but I use an analog mixing board and all analog compression with rackmount effects and no computer or monitor in the process. This allows the benefits of basic editing and a focus on the music without being distracted by an unrelenting computer presence. On the other hand, if need be, I have the ability to run mixes out of Protools for heavy editing, or even to record on to a 16-track reel to reel if the feel and sound of tape is desired. Doing what works for the band or artist at hand is what I think is one of the most important aspects of recording.

If you'd like more info on rates, or to see my FAQ, etc, please check out deadairstudios.com or drop me an email.